Where is there is Satyam, Kannan is there. He is the epitome of Satyam, according to Vaishnava elders.


Vishnu Sahasranamam

Yes! Where Bhagavan is, Satyam is plenteous. Rama helped Vibhishana restore his royal life. Pandavas gained the victory. Both were due to Satyam and Baghavan's grace and benign glance. Because Kannan was on their side, they attained greatness. If we recite Krishnan's sacred names and worship him with mental sincerity, we live a life full of Satyam and Dharma.

Vishnu Sahasranamam eulogizes the greatness of holy names, showing the way to his worship.
Kannan ate mud (pica). Balarama reported that observation to Yashoda. With a bubbling exuberance of mischief, Kannan said that all were telling lies. Yasōdai told Kannan, "You are a mischief-monger. You could have done it." She demanded Kannan to open his mouth and show.

Having no other way out of the predicament, Kannpirān opened his mouth, offered grace to his mother, and revealed the seven worlds. Baghavan, being one person, showed the seven worlds according to the verse in a beautiful description.

Krishnan gained a name, 'Sahā,' meaning the Giver or the Benefactor. He gives Jñāna plentifully. That is Krishna.

The theological treatises praise Baghavan as Apārijitan, meaning the Undefeated.
Aushadha Sastra describes this matter. There are certain inalienable truths: Vāsudevan is unbeatable; The ocean will never go dry; No one witnessed his or her mother's wedding. These virtuous words are valid. Likewise, they prepare medicines with the recitation of mantras with the certainty of their supreme efficacy.

Krishna Paramatma has such greatness: That is why his holy name is Aparājitan, meaning the eternally undefeated.
If we recite Kannan's names with devotion and in worship, 'Kesavā, Mādhavā, Māyavā, Gopālā, Madhusūdhanā,' we can receive holy grace in full measure. With Kannan's help, we will never sustain defeat.
Author: K. Kumaresan,